Friday, August 28, 2009

Starting Kindergarten

The emotions were at an all-time high at the begining of this week. It was the first day of Kindergarten. I awoke to the sound of William saying " It's the first day of school" It was 6:40AM! We have had a great week experiencing the excitement of walking to school, backpack in tow. The nervousness of having to leave him at school and him saying "I will have a great day!" The wonder of learning where to go in the mornings before class starts. Where to be to pick-up at 11:00 AM. The tired and weary feelings of having to do this EVERY morning except Saturday and Sunday. We have survived with flying colors and I am so proud of him. He is enjoying learning about so many different and unique things about Miss Jenkins' classroom. The rules, following directions, listening to the teacher, understanding the color charts for discipline, making sure he doesn't lose any "teeth" for talking when the teacher is talking. I have prayed for this for a long time and I have had such comfort in knowing that Miss Jenkins was hand selected for our boy. What a great way to start off the year!

Friday, August 21, 2009


there are so many things to say about our trip but this sums it up...William had a blast and thought it was really cool to meet Jack Sparrow. Watch his is priceless!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jedi William turns 6

the invitation reads: In a galaxy far, far away on the 28th of August a baby was born. The Jedi Council named him William. During his 6 years, Young Jedi William has learned the ways of the Force. He requests the presence of Young Jedi to complete their training...

In the Pyle household right now, it is all about Star Wars. Can you picture it? Light sabers in tow, boys (one 6 year old and one well let's just say 30 something year old) fighting everywhere. One is the good guy. The other the bad guy. The Princess is trying to cook dinner with all the battling going on. It seemed only fitting to have a Star Wars party for William's 6th birthday. I looked up some things on-line and we decided to decorate his room as the dark side. Dark curtains covered the windows. Glowing stars hung on the ceiling reminding us we were in a galaxy far, far away. As on all planets, you must have rocks. The rocks on the dark side were special rocks that glow in the dark so that you can find them better.

As each guest arrived, the Jedi-in-training had their picture made in front of a Star Wars poster, light sabers, and with the Chosen One for the day. The guest received Star Wars coloring sheets as they made their way into the galaxy. Once all the Jedi trainees were here, we tested their skills so that they could move on to be successful Jedi. They needed to test their hearing, their sight, and their smell. They had to guess what each sound was: a gun being released, a toy kitty saying meow very softly, a bell. They were given objects to identify: a picture of a chair, an oval, handcuffs. Lastly, they had to test their sense of smell. They had to identify dog food, coffee, and cinnamon. Each Jedi passed and were awarded for their skills and talent.

William enjoyed opening his gifts from his friends and family. Much to his liking he received lots and lots of Legos, Star Wars ones at that! After opening gifts, we had lunch and cake. Mawmaw and I had prepared a big cake to be a planet and then smaller cupcakes to resemble other planets like Earth. He was so proud to blow out his one, big Darth Vader candle and everyone sing Happy Birthday. We had a very successful party and remember...May the Force be with you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Growing Up

Rewind back to the spring of this year. The staff of our church (my palms still get a little sweaty when I say that because I am actually included in the staff) had our monthly face-to-face meeting. Nathan wanted to do something a little different than we normally do. As a church we had a lot coming up in the spring and summer that needed prayer. We started the meeting off by going to each area that was represented and praying for the people in that area. For example, we went into the worship center and prayed over Robby and the youth, Tim and the band, Nathan and his leadership over the church. We headed over to the brick building and started praying for Heather, Christy, and myself. Each time of prayer had been very meaningful and purposeful. Praying not only for the spiritual needs but also the physical, emotional, and mental. Each person had specific needs and I was no exception. As it came my turn, I asked for prayer for William as he starts school in the fall. I will never forget the prayers that were offered up on his behalf (and mine as well). His teacher was prayed for. His friends. His attitude. His learning. His salvation. His heart. My attitude. My learning and letting go. My peace.

Fast-forward to the middle of August and whether I want to believe it or not, school is just around the corner. I am struggling with so many emotions. The excitement of buying his new backpack and lunch box. The anxiety of the unknown. The heart of a mother that wants her child to know that everything will be okay. He will make friends. He will succeed. He will learn how to handle himself in unusual situations. The thought of him being in an environment that is not as "safe" as I would like. With all the struggles, come more and more prayers. With the prayers, comes confidence that he is going to be okay. He is going to do well.

He has grown in so many ways this past year. In his education, he has surpassed anything I could have ever imagined. He is writing his letters very well. He is spelling words and remembering them. He is reading. He knows around 40-45 sight words. When he starts a task, he wants to finish it to the end. He is motivated. He is a self-starter. He is determined. He is a caring, loving boy that thinks of others before himself.

I am proud to say that my son is starting Kindergarten in two weeks and I am sure this is just the beginning of him growing up...

Famous Quotes by William...#1

Tim was working out in the gargage and he asked William "Is my face red?" William proudly said " is red, red like a pepparoni."

William is always talking about what he wants to be when he grows up. This conversation usually takes place in the Jeep as we are running errands and he continues to change his mind on what he wants to be. On this particular day, he says he wants to be a chef. "Mommy, do you want to find me a restaurant to work at? What about Saltgrass? Olive Garden?" I said " Well, William, you could have your own restaurant and call it Willy's" He said " No mommy. I will call it the Treehouse Panini Grill. The kids can play in the tree house while the adults talk." Genius!!!