Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Celebrating Easter

As the Easter season approached, I knew early on that I wanted to share the true meaning of Easter with William. This would be the year that we discussed everything from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection. With the help of some great research (via the internet), helpful advice from friends, and wonderful books, we discussed at length the meaning of this special day. We read the books entitled The Legend of the Easter Egg and the Legend of the Three Trees. What amazing words and illustrations to show him that this isn't about the eggs or the candy but about the love of Jesus and what He did for us. As each day came and went, the closer Easter was. As we prepared for our egg hunt at church, we made a cake for the cake walk. William asked me "who is the cake for?" and before I could answer he said "it's for God and Jesus!" This is what it is all about. :)


p.s. the pictures below are of him showing off his decorated egg and his cross we made on Good Friday

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Teachable Moments

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, William wanted to read some books. As he looked through his bookshelf and decided what to read, I reminded him only 1 or 2 books. Much to my amazement, out of all his books, he brings me this small book from a Bible story collection called 'the First Easter.' (It is one of those books you get with all the others at showers and you forget what you have.) I was blown away and thanking God in my heart for this precious moment. Of all the books he could have picked, he picked this one. As we began reading, I was praying for God to truly speak thru those words and that in some small way William would understand what the true meaning of Easter is. I have spoken in other posts about those teachable moments and what a wonderful blessing it was for me to experience one. I look forward to many more...