Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the season of Spring

This past weekend I attended a mother's conference hosted by Sally Clarkson. The discussion all weekend was about the seasons of a woman's and mother's heart. As I have thought and prayed about the different seasons, God has revealed that I am entering the season of spring in my own life as a mother. A time to reflect and start anew. A time to know and be content as a wife and William's mother. God layed some things on my heart about truly making Him known to William and I want to start fresh. Just like we get to start a new season of spring with new grass, flowers, and a new feeling in the air. To be mindful of those teachable moments and to let William know of God's beauty and love; to be proud of the season of my life and be joyful in doing and going in that season. I need to be excited about what God is going to do thru this time in my life and how each of us will grow. I was also reminded that teaching my child how to know God is one of the most important things I can do. All of my focus should be on revealing God to William thru his education, his play, his activities, his discipline. This is a very humbling thought to know that God has entrusted me with this challenge. I look forward to the days ahead and the season of spring. I look forward to growing and becoming like David and having a dancing heart. A season of spring is just around the corner.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Life Lessons

We have been busy the last couple of weeks with various activities. As I look back at those weeks gone by, we have all been learning some lessons along the way. William has really been testing the patience of his mom and dad at bed time. For several nights it turned into this game (a game that I don't like to lose!) of him needing several things before actually settling down and going to sleep. Back and forth this went night after night. The rules were laid down and again this one-sided game would unfold. William (finally!) learned that these rules need to be followed or there will be consequences. I (finally!) learned that these rules need to be followed or there will be consequences. These life lessons do remind us that we need to be proud of what we are trying to teach William. Whether it is about obeying, telling the truth, and/or forgiving, these are the lessons he will remember forever.