Sunday, January 20, 2008

Celebrating the Sabbath

Last night we started a new celebration in the Pyle house. We are celebrating the Sabbath or as William kept calling it "special family time and family dinner." A dear friend of mine (thank-you Krista!) gave me a book about making your home a true place of worship. One of the key points that really convicted me was the act of celebrating and honoring the Sabbath. Each family can decide on how they want to do this. Ours went something like this: we had some commitments early in the day yesterday and afterwards we went to see the new Veggietale Pirate movie. We came home and had our dinner with candlelight and great conversation. We talked to William about what he is learning in his group time at church and this week was the Great Commission. What an amazing opportunity to witness God's love and see that His Word makes an impact and is relevant to all of us. We discussed how we can see Jesus in other people and it was truly rewarding and humbling how much William can see and take notice of. The act of celebrating the Sabbath is going to be a time of teaching and reflecting and setting aside our saturdays and sundays as a family to honor God. To rest in Him and know that we are daily growing and becoming more like Him.


Saturday, January 12, 2008


Over the past week, I have had the priviledge of spending time with my niece Hannah. As I watched William interact with her, I was truly amazed at how they understood each other. He is this very sweet, loving boy yet he is all boy. He likes being loud and running around. A boy. She is this very sweet, special little girl and each time they looked at each other it was like "I get you; you are my cousin." We spent monday and tuesday together and William was my little helper. He talked to her when I needed to get her bottles ready. He played with her and would say "Hannah, this is your cousin. Hannah banana...this is William. I love you." He even decided he was the 'big brother' as he helped me put her in the jeep and then helped (on his own I might add) take her out of her swing! It is neat to be a "fly on the wall" as you observe kids intereacting with each other and the special bond that can form. I look forward to the many times that they can share as cousins and know that they will always 'get' each other.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the new year

Isn't it amazing that as the new year approaches we always start thinking about the things we are going to change and things we are definitely going to 'stick to' and on and on it goes. I have been thinking a lot this week about the way my new year can be different and I have decided it needs to start with me and then the rest will just follow. As it follows, I hope and pray that it won't be just something I did one year but it will become a lifestyle. Our speaker and friend at church said last sunday that consistency is always good unless whatever you are being consistent at is well...bad. That statement really struck me and as I have pondered that and other things this week I have said to myself "Am I being consistent at the good things? The things that matter?" I will admit there are things I want to change this year but like I have said earlier, I hope that whatever I do change it will be for the good and not just this year but for years to come.