Saturday, September 27, 2008

the Face of Change

Tuesday was a first in our house...William lost a tooth! He had told me several weeks ago that his teeth were wiggly. At first, it startled me. I thought 'oh no what is wrong.' Then it hit me, they are suppose to be lose! I came home from my moms group Monday night to find the tooth barely hanging on. As the day progressed Tuesday, he wanted it out!...and he wanted his daddy to pull it! Tim came by the house and tried several ways to pull it. His fingers were too big and he couldn't get a grip on it. was my turn. We were in the bathroom...I asked William 'are you ready?...(the whole time I am thinking to myself, No I'm not ready! I am scared! This isn't happening! He was just crawling yesterday! But that's another post! ) with one good tug, it was out! I could not believe it! William could not believe it! He didn't cry... he just kept saying "it's out Mommy!" This was a very exciting and emotional thing to experience. He was ready for bed sooner than normal (knowing that the tooth fairy was coming) and the next morning woke us up saying "she brought me cash; I have cash to spend!" What a great day and look at that beautiful face!

Friday, September 26, 2008

the First of Many

Last Saturday William had his first soccer game. He was so excited. We had a 10:00am game and he hardly could stand it. He ate a good breakfast ( so I will have lots of energy mommy!) and had his uniform on before I could brush my teeth, let alone get dressed. As the game started, you could tell the kids were getting the hang of it. Which kids were on their team. What goal was theirs and where the 'hot' zone was. When the whistle blows, we freeze. It was the first time most of them had played ,so for obvious reasons, they will only get better with time. As I (and William's Grumpy and Granny Lou) cheered him on from our side and his dad did the same, with a little bit of coaching too, from the other side, I started to observe something in my boy. To look at him, to know him, he is an outgoing, never meet a stranger, type of guy. the game progressed, I saw a somewhat timid, non-aggressive, concerned boy on the field. As I thought more about his actions, it made me aware of what a special boy I have. He liked the game and wanted to go after the ball, but when another player was hurt (on the opposite team) he stopped to make sure he was alright. I know this is only the beginning of probably many sporting events for William. I was glad to observe this all-boy, new athlete in action and realize that some of this is not taught, it is just seen and learned.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ahoy Mateys...William is 5!

Last week my baby, my little boy turned 5 yrs.old. On August 28th, 2003 at 3 something in the afternoon, our precious miracle entered the world. When I think back about that day, his personality shown through immediately. He had a vigor, a determination, and also a raw sweetness that encaptured you. Fast forward five years, and that same vigor, determination, and sweetness abounds in him. All he could talk about was a pirate party when he turned 5. Well...fellow mateys...we had a great pirate party. He and his friends (all 14 of them!) walked the plank like pirates from long ago. They hunted for treasure...and found some in our own back yard! All the pirates had a pirate snack and drink and then it was time to look at all the loot. What fun it was to see his face. We all had a great time!

William, I can not believe you are 5. I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. You are strong, determined, and you truly care about others. I pray that God will daily bless your life. You will always be my baby, my special boy. Love your first-mate, mommy